While the official rules page will be updated tomorrow, due to recent voting, a few rules have been updated. A valuable rule to potential contestants regards multiple TB’s. Some other rules regard checkpoint caches, entering the race and the all important dipping of TB’s.

The first rule change regards TB dipping.  This occurs when a cacher picks up a TB, then dips it into several caches before finally leaving it in a cache.  The final ruling on this is that dipping will not count for points.  We would like to avoid it all together because it creates extra work to determine points.  If it does occur, only the final cache will count.

The second rule change regards the entry of TB’s.  The final ruling is that one TB per physical cacher will be allowed.  This means that if a family wants to have one TB for each cacher in the family, this will be allowed.

The third rule change regards checkpoint caches.  The final ruling is that checkpoint caches may be submitted throughout the length of the race.  They will still need to go through an approval process, but this way we leave it open for people to get involved later in the year, well after the deadline for entry.

The final rule change that was voted on regards late entries.  The final ruling is that late entries may be allowed up to two weeks after the start of the race, but only with a majority vote by the contestants in the race.

One more change occured but was not involved in the voting.  The race will now start on January 7th, 2009.  The deadline for entry will remain at January 5th.  This change occured because of a development in how my apartment complex handles incoming packages.  Since I will be gone for two weeks prior to the race starting, I will have to put a hold on my mail.  My landlord, unlike some other complexes, does not keep packages in the front office if they are oversized or if a group of packages were to arrive.  So, to give myself time to go to the post office and get the mail, sort through any TB’s that arrive, and get the cache ready to go, I’m pushing the start of the race off until that Wednesday.

Keep the entries coming people.  We have now passed the 30 mark, with 10 different countries represented by my last county.  I have updated the contestants page to reflect all currently activated race participants as well.  Keep checking back for more updates.