This last weekend, I was able to pick up the container for the starting cache. I needed something bigger than the ammo cans most people are used to finding. Having thought about it for a while, an option was presented that I couldn’t pass up.

I had made a trip to visit my friends in Omaha and attend some caching events going on both Saturday and Sunday.  While there, 8601 took me to Canfields, a local sporting goods store that has supplies for caching.   In a separate area, they have ammo cans, lots of them of different sizes.  I had to debate about it, with 8601 throwing his suggestions in.  However, while he made a good arguement, a desire to play it safe led me to the largest one they had.  I think the label said 2 cubic feet, but sometimes a picture is better than words.  The lid of the can, which has to be opened on both sides, is sitting in front with some of the racers who have arrived helping to model it’s size.   To the right, you’ll see a normal size ammo can that many of you have probably found before.

Starting cache

The racers are also starting to roll in.  First in line was Fire Chaser, but since Thanksgiving weekend, more have been joining the ranks.  For those wanting to know who has arrive, here is the list:

Fire Chaser

T Rex Racer

Chocolate Racer

JLondon1963 M&M Racer

Belgian Beer

The Puck Stops Here

Fly Away Home

A Little Screwy

Odyssey’s Ring

Pommes Frit

TB Hummer

TripCyclone’s Worst Nightmare (by my humor-attempting good friend 8601)

I’ve received news that more are on the way.  Rough estimates, based on e-mails, is that we will have over 50 racers, with 28 activated entries so far.  I’m beginning to thank myself for grabbing the larger ammo can.