With three weeks left before the race begins, I thought I would post an update on the number of entries. I have updated the contestants page to reflect all of the current number of activated entries. We are up to 43.

I took an image today of the starting ammo can with all the TB’s that have arrived in it.  While this image doesn’t reflect all of those entries yet, it does a good job of helping show how well the race is growing.  25 contestants have arrived at home base so far, and more are on their way.  We still have some people who have expressed an interest but haven’t posted a TB yet, so hopefully more are on their way.  Note that already, the bottom of the cache is no longer visible.  In each corner is an item to help provide a perspective of the size.  The items include a standard TB, a lens cap, an American penny, and an American presidential dollar.


Let’s keep things going everyone.  I know that I’m excited to see how the race goes.  I plan on trying my best to make sure every cacher in the area is aware of the cache so that the TB’s can get going quickly.

We also have a few of you who have offered to help approve caches.  Sorry for my delay in responding to some about the status of their caches.  I have been busy with getting work done before the holidays.  We still have time to get your caches approval, so just hold tight and we’ll have the first official approved list soon.