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First points update

Well, I have gone through and tallied the points.  The contestants page will have to wait, as I’ve been busy working with a local reviewer about a cache, but I have posted the top ten, or should I say top 13? Continue reading


Two Weeks In

It is two weeks into the race, and after some busy times at work and home, I finally have the first list of checkpoint caches published. I’ve added a new page, unsurprisingly called “Checkpoint Caches”. It contains rules for placement of checkpoint caches, alongside the new list of current checkpoints for your racers to visit. Continue reading

Look At This:

Well, I got home today and grabbed the mail. A package is in the mail. Obviously, my first thought is the race. I was thinking another late straggler, but the item inside felt too big. So, when I got home, I grabbed a pair of scissors and opened it up. What a surprise… Continue reading