Well, the cache is now out in the wild. The spot wasn’t exactly what I planned, but it works. However, when I listed the cache, I added in a line that I planned on archiving the cache after everything was gone. Apparently, since that makes it a temporary cache, it isn’t allowed by geocache listing rules. So, right after being published…the cache was archived.

I quickly contacted the reviewer, who has been helpful in getting things fixed.  The cache is already back up and ready for viewing.  The cache is The Great TB Race Starting Line. And thanks to Michigan Cacheman, who helped remind me to post in the local forums for help from cachers in quickly dispersing the TB’s.

However, on other matters, we have the rest of the announcement regarding the prize pool. So, why don’t we start of with the donation by Larry739. For those who follow my blog, you might remember that several of my own geocoins have come from Larry739, a local cacher here in Kansas City. He has graciously donated a 2007 Missouri Hawthorn coin. It looks like this:

2007 Missouri Hawthorn

Our second donation comes from DrNeal, another cacher who has entered the race.  It is a nicely designed Chiro Coin.  With the image of two dogs on one side and a medical symbol emblazoned with the words Health and Chiropractic, it makes another nice addition to the prize pool.  Take a look at it here:

DrNeal Chiro Coin

Last of all, we have a third addition from a cacher who has entered the race.  While not a geocoin specifically, Michigan Cacheman has donated $30 to the prize pool.  That money will go toward purchasing some more prizes, to be announced once I make up my mind on what to buy.

Now, in case anyone is wondering, you will not have to keep me informed of every move your TB makes.  Once a week, I will do a sweep through the travel bugs and see which ones have moved and which ones haven’t.  Those that move will be updated.  Simple enough.  Made more simple once I update the contestants page.

So enjoy the race and good luck to everyone.