Well, I got home today and grabbed the mail. A package is in the mail. Obviously, my first thought is the race. I was thinking another late straggler, but the item inside felt too big. So, when I got home, I grabbed a pair of scissors and opened it up. What a surprise…

…when I find a stocked lock-n-lock pop out.  Yep, our newest addition to the prize pool is a well stocked, ready to use, lock-n-lock geocache.  Check it out:

USYoopers Prize Addition

Arriving courtesy of USYoopers, the small container contained a variety of items.  First, some USYoopers signature items.  Then I saw some small toys, a stash note, the logbook and a small pencil, a small deck of cards, and some Oakcoins temporary tattoos (or stickers).  But then, when I looked closer, I saw the two Geocaching pins you see in the image and a nice unactivated GeoJellies geocoin with a FTF Prize label attached.  The coin, identified as a Pickle Relish jellybean, has USYoopers on the backside and a tracking number along the edge.  Here is a closer look:

USYoopers GeoJellies

So, welcome the new addition.  I thought I’d post this as I try to work on our list of checkpoint caches.  More updates on the way.