It is two weeks into the race, and after some busy times at work and home, I finally have the first list of checkpoint caches published. I’ve added a new page, unsurprisingly called “Checkpoint Caches”. It contains rules for placement of checkpoint caches, alongside the new list of current checkpoints for your racers to visit.

Thanks goes out to BooBear, who kindly posted about the inaccuracy between the listed TB’s and what people were finding.  I went out this morning and confirmed it.  There are 21 TB’s registered as in the cache, only 9 actually found in the cache, and another two that I know where they are located.  That leaves 10 unaccounted for TB’s.

I also went through the logbook.  I have sent out some e-mails to caches who mentioned grabbing items but I can’t find any records of them logging items.  I also came across two names in the logbook that don’t show up online.  So we are trying to track them down.  I figured a few might get misplaced during the race, just not right out of the starting gate.

I also did some auto repair on JLondon’s M&M Racer, who seemed to have detached from it’s chain (the part actually busted).  A quick repair fixed it, and then I sat down and had a talk with them about trying to race INSIDE the cache.  Hopefully, they got the message that revving up their engine and racing around the mostly vacent cache was harmful to the chain.

Tomorrow is the first scheduled points update.  I decided to wait two weeks to try and get as many racers out of the cache as possible before doing this.   So I will begin on this tomorrow afternoon, and post another update when done to announce the current Top 10.

Well, that covers my update for the day.  Sorry it took so long with the checkpoint caches.  Now that the list has been caught up, maintaining incoming submissions will go a lot faster.