Well, I have gone through and tallied the points.  The contestants page will have to wait, as I’ve been busy working with a local reviewer about a cache, but I have posted the top ten, or should I say top 13?After a thorough check of everyone’s points, I have established that we have 13 racers with 10 points or more already earned.  Unfortunately for some, Scruffy the Geodog has taken a huge leap, landing a trip out of cold Kansas City all the way to warm and sunny Florida.  The trip, earning 1127 miles, helped shoot them ahead for points.  But, there are a few people hot on Scruffy’s tail.

Following close behind is Kimo with 23 points.  A back and forth trip South of the starting line helped them cross several borders before landing in Oklahoma with 282 miles.  Eric Clapton helped guide the turtle to a fast start.  Maybe this turtle will break the stereotype.

Not to be outdone, The Puck Stops Here, which is awaiting a possible fix to it’s numbers, might make a sudden appearance in the list of leaders next week.  Already up in Nebraska, it has earned some good mileage.  A misunderstanding about dipping has resulted in a need to recalculate a few numbers before a decision about its standings can be made.

With some clear leaders already, let’s see if anyone can catch up.  I see evidence of some big moves coming up for a few racers as I read through the logs.  We might see a few new additions as one cacher takes a few racers with them back to Indianapolis.  Maybe a visit to the home of the Indy 500 might inspire a few racers into the pole position.

So check back next week as we make another update to the points.  And for those cachers who don’t have photos, you might find that a cacher by the name of Smiling Bee has helped you out.  She took photos of many TB’s while deciding which ones to pick up the day the race started.

By the way, everyone started with one point, with the starting line counting as your first cache.