I have just finished with doing some points updates. We’ve had some changes in the race, and I will be updating the standings and the contestant page next. However, I thought I would post a few notes as I do this.

One note is that we have the first racer to go international. WoolyBugger has left the country, passing through the Bahama’s on his way to landing in Puerto Rico. Yeah, Puerto Rico is considered an unincorporated territory of the US, but it’s still self-governing, and the Bahama’s are a separate country.

Next, we will point out the Colorado Ball Mark Repair Tool. With one jump from Missouri to South Dakota, this guy jumped across state lines a WHOPPING 15 TIMES! The benefits of traveling along a river that was used to mark a state line.

Last, we’ll point out The Puck Stops Here, who has been plagued with dips and is awaiting it’s first points update as we figure some things out. Use this as an example folks, it doesn’t hurt to mention the “No Dipping Rule” on your TB’s profile page under the Mission heading.

We also have our first FTF finders.  Both Raisin Man and Scooby were involved in FTF in Kansas on January 31st.

Well, back to updates. I’d love to be out caching right now, but my back is bothering me a bit and I decided to focus on this. Maybe later this afternoon I’ll step out for a bit.

Enjoy the weekend.  Check the standings page to see who’s in the lead, which two sets of racers are tied, and just how many points you need to take 1st place.