Well, we have three new prizes, fresh from the donations of Michigan Cacheman and Truscott.  The prizes also come from the Geocoin Club, thanks to the assistance of JLondon.First, we have one Acme Cache-O-Rater Coin. Check out the link to see photos. I have one myself, and have always had people who like the design. It is a really nice coin so figured that it would also make a good prize.  This comes from Truscott.

Next, we have two special coins that can only be ordered by Geocoin Members (which is where the thanks to JLondon comes in).  With the money Michigan Cacheman donated, which also helped pay the shipping, we got two coins.  The first one seemed appropriate for our international race.  It is called World Flags coin.   Take a look:

This coin displays flags of the various countries that the Geocoin Club ships to, with a map of the earth and moon phases on the opposite side.  Fancy.

For the second coin, we throw in the second member’s only coin, the Geocoin Club 2nd Anniversary coin.  This nice coin displays a small icon of each of the coins produced during the year prior to this coin being issued, alongside names for each.  Across the middle are the letters GCC.   The letters, and a circle around the letters, also gets colorful when held up to the light.  Check it out:

So, enjoy the newest members of the prize pool, courtesy of Michigan Cacheman and Truscott, with some ordering help from JLondon.