We are almost two months into the race and we have a new points update…about a week behind schedule.  But the extra week allowed a few more points to sneek in.  We have a few race corrections as some TB’s showed up in caches they weren’t logged in.  And we finally have a racer that broke the 100 point mark and is making it tougher for the rest of the competition.Right now, the new race leader is Sylvester by geofillians.  Sylvester took a massive leap in points thanks to a massive trip to Finland.  Racking up over 4700 miles, and crossing state and international borders a whopping 17 times in one jump, Sylvester has earned 143 points.  By the way, KIMO, who is our second place racer, is almost 70 points behind at 78.

Coming in third is Woolybugger, who’s jump to Puerto Rico before the last update helped to secure enough points to hold it’s place in the top three, despite some large jumps in points by many racers over the last three weeks.

For those who are keeping track of their own scores, please feel free to contact me if you have a question about the scoring.  For example, during the last points update, I incorrectly placed The Puck Stops Here in 10th place, one point ahead of Belgian Beer Bug.  However, due to a mistake as I punched in numbers, it actually tied for Belgian Beer Bug for 10th place.  Hey, mistakes happen.

I know I promised another update of checkpoint caches last time, but we are going over the list a second time.  We have five caches up for review right now, and we are aiming for having a  list in the next few days.  I’ll take the blame on that one as I got busy at work and dropped the ball on getting back in touch with our checkpoint reviewers.

Now that I have the points updated, I work quickly redo the contestants page tomorrow to reflect everyone’s recalculated scores.  I will remind everyone that if you haven’t updated your TB’s profile page to reflect the no dipping rule, I encourage you to do so.  Most cachers have been pretty good about not dipping your bugs, but some have done it because they didn’t see a “no dipping” rule on the TB page.  Just imagine making a 900+ mile trip, having your TB dipped, then returned.  It may end up with only 9 miles because we look at initial pick-up and final drop in calculating mileage for points.  Help out the cachers moving your TB’s by adding the note.

Keep coming back to hear more as the race continues.  Two months down, ten to go.