Two things to announce.  One is a quick announcement. The new prizes that I mentioned HERE have finally arrived and in my possession. They look great and should make a nice addition to somebodies collection. But, it’s the second announcement that’s important.

Second, there has been a bug floating around the Groundspeak website that caused problems with mileage on trackables. Despite Groundspeak’s reassurances, that this was taken care of, there are still people (including myself) not seeing the effects they promised. So, to help update your mileage, I recommend going in and doing an recalculation. Here’s how:

Login to and load up the page for your racer. On the top right side, at the bottom of the “Trackable Item Options” that include logging the TB, there is a drop down menu. Click on that and select “Recalculate Distance”, then hit GO. It may not happen right away, but it will soon update your mileage.

After you do this, check back the next time you see a log about the item being dropped and see if the mileage updates automatically. If not, you’ll need to do the above procedure. I’ll keep tabs on this in the forums and provide updates when it seems fixed.

The last points update I did happened just before this bug hit. If I see activity, I will check to ensure that you get credit for mileage. Following the above instructions will help, both for me and for yourself if you are keep track of your points.

You’ll see the next points update later this week. Have a good week everyone.