A much anticipated update arrives. Check out the Standings to see who the top 10 racers are. Some upsets occured for positions 4 – 10, but the top three have remained the same, albeit some rearranging.

With an update encompassing over five weeks of racing, we have seen a flurry of activity bringing racers into the triple digits.  Many of them have earned this position thanks to travel overseas.  While mileage alone isn’t enough to win the race, it has been one of the deciding factors so far.  In fact, only three racers have crossed the 5000 mile mark, and they just so happen to be the top three: KIMO, WoolyBugger, and Sylvester.  However, a few are close behind in the 3000 and 4000 mile range.

It was Belgian Beer Bug, however, that has become the first racer to reach a checkpoint cache.  On March 8th, a visit to LRT – Bloomington Central in Minnesota marked a 5 point increase to the racer, who promptly celebrated by trying to order a Watou’s Wit. The bar owner displayed his own wit and smarted off to the racer while handing him a Bud Light instead.

FTF’s have also taken off as racers get involved with that crucial race to sign the log. Raisin Man has set the pace with two FTF’s so far. However, Raisin Man has also provided everyone with a great example of the dangers of not putting a “Do Not Dip” into your TB’s mission description after suffering a crucial loss of 2558 miles and 13 border crossings. A cacher picked up the soulful crooner in Missouri, then dipped it in California before a final drop in Minnesota.

Raisin Man wasn’t the only one to suffer from dipping. Some of you may have noticed “Official Race Corrections” updates left on your TB’s page. If you’ve seen one of these pop up on your TB, it means your TB was dipped and a mileage correction needed to be done. This is done for two reasons: to help remind me of the alteration when I do updates, and to serve as a reminder to any cacher who picks up the TB that dipping will not help the TB win the race. There is no way to completely prevent it from happening, especially if a cacher picks it up and begins dipping before they get online to read the TB’s description, but we can try to reduce it.

I’ll say one more reminder about doing a recalculate distance on your TB’s page. Most of you have done this, and until the system bug is eliminated, I recommend going in when you see your TB dropped and making sure the mileage is updated. A quick way to verify this is to look at the log entry when you first pull up the TB. At the end of the green bar at the beginning of the log, it should show the mileage moved during the last movement, like this:


The circled sections of the image show where you should see the mileage value for each cache visited. When placed, if this number is not seen, you will need to do a “recalculate distance” (see previous blog entries for instructions). If this number is seen, then your TB is now correctly updating and is not affected by the bug.

The last thing to mention is that some of the bugs have stalled.  Some have stalled in caches, others have stalled in the possession of cachers.   Mine happens to be in the latter catagory, stuck in the hands of a new cacher.  If you are concerned, feel free to start sending e-mails.  This has helped to jar a few back into circulation, and maybe the reminder is all that is needed.

I’ll try to be faster with the next update.  As the school year winds to a close, I’ll have more time to get that done on a regular basis.

Until next time,