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A new prize

Yesterday, I found a package in my mail.  Upon close inspection (aka…feeling the envelope), I quickly realized it was a geocoin.  My first thought was “Who did I order a coin from?”.  Looking carefully at the package, I noticed that the package came from outside the United States so that question was answered.  If it was outside of the United States, it must be related to the race. Continue reading


It took until May for it to happen but now we have all 10 of our top ten contests in triple digits. Not much of an upset for the top six, but spots seven through ten have been hotly contested. Continue reading

New Prizes

We have two new prizes to add to the prize pool, courtesy of rjhollan.  I was recently put in touch with rjhollan to purchase some nano’s for myself.  He had purchased a collection a while back and was selling them cheaper than ordering them online.  This last Friday, I finally purchased some.

Now the prize pool includes a package of nano’s and replacement logs in a nice little reusable baggie.  Our prize pool grows.

Interested in contributing?  We are always looking for some donations to the prize pool.  Swag, unactivated geocoins or TB’s, and cache containers are nice.  Want to donate but not sure about what to donate?  Donate some money and that will be used for the purchase of new prizes.  Are you part of a geocaching organization or business?  Contact me about donating and you can be an official sponsor of the race.