It took until May for it to happen but now we have all 10 of our top ten contests in triple digits. Not much of an upset for the top six, but spots seven through ten have been hotly contested.

We see three new additions to the top ten list this go around.  Welcome Raisin Man, Jingle Bell, and Super Racer to the list as they pass Cape Cod, who moves down to the #10 position.  Several upsets have occured due to dipping, including one contestant that went from triple digits to double with a loss that tops Raisin Mans.  With a trip from New Jersey to California to GeoWoodstock 7 in Tennessee with a dip in an event cache in California, the point loss was rather large.  But, that racer is not out yet, holding on in the top half of the contestants.

Check out the Contestants and Standings pages to see the updates and a reminder to keep up with your racers.  I’m seeing quite a few that are getting stalled in both the hands of cachers.  The longest so far is almost four months!

In other news, we had four racers attend GeoWoodstock 7 today, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more haven’t been logged yet (we have one that the owner and I suspect is going to make a surprise visit).  Expect the next points update to have a few surprises as cachers grab them to take them back home.