Yesterday, I found a package in my mail.  Upon close inspection (aka…feeling the envelope), I quickly realized it was a geocoin.  My first thought was “Who did I order a coin from?”.  Looking carefully at the package, I noticed that the package came from outside the United States so that question was answered.  If it was outside of the United States, it must be related to the race.

The package was from the owner of one of our very own contestants (did I get enough words starting with “O” in that sentence?)  Eltada owns Lily Lizard. Unfortunately, that item is currently MIA as the cache it was in appears to have been muggled within weeks after Lily arrived there. But, none the less, Eltada offered up one of their new personal geocoins as a prize.

The design name of the coin is “Out on the Water, Caching by Boat”. It is a beautiful coin of someone out on a lake, sitting in a boat. On the back of the coin is a rough topographic map of a lake with two geocaches marked on it. Check it out.

There were 160 of these coins made in five different versions. Of the version this coin appears to be, only 35 were made in this version. It appears to be (based on the pictures at the above link), that this is Sepia tones on hard enamel gold.

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