I’m a bit late with my normal plans for updating the standings, but late is better than never. Both the contestants page and the standings page have been updated. Oh, and we’ve had a bit of an upset in the rankings too.

The number 4 position in the last rankings…GeoJosh’s  Sugar Free Trick or Treat…has jumped into the number 2 position after a return trip from Europe brought it to Florida, then it traveled to Indiana.  That helped the candy corn out a bit.  We’ll see if it does as well when Halloween hits.

But, as I did further updates, I saw that Woolybugger jumped into first place with just shy of 300 points.  So the top three positions have been changed for the first time in two updates. And it doesn’t end there.  Several of the bottom rungs of the Top Ten have been knocked out by surprise jumps by several contestants.

Now, we’ve had a few cacher’s out there moving TB’s who have questioned my rulings on dipping.  I’ve had one person ask if I’m being fair.  I like to think I’m being fair with it.  It was a rule that was voted on by many of the early entrants with a pretty overwhelming majority.  And, it has now affected even me.  My own racer, Chocolate Racer, suffered from a dip.  Now, it almost was an allowed dip as it was technically a FTF dip on a cache too small to fit it in.  Our rules, just so everyone is aware, do allow a dip if the cache is too small and the person is the FTF on that cache.  However, a photo of the container, freshly signed log, and TB is needed to prove both the FTF find and that the item doesn’t fit.  In my case, no picture was provide…so no points earned for that one.

Remember to keep track of your items and feel free to contact cachers if you have questions about something mentioned in the log or a delay in activity.  I usually send out between 6 and 12 e-mails to cachers regarding racing TB’s during every update.

And the last piece of news.  During this update, I decided to start adding notes in my records when an item is believed to be MIA.  I discovered that the number of MIA’s is higher than I thought at exactly 33%.  On a few of these, items were muggled.  On a few, diligence in contacting cachers early on might have helped as some were picked up by new cachers who decided they weren’t interested in geocaching anymore.

The race continues.  I’ll try not to take so long for the next update, but sometimes time gets in the way.   And remember, we are always looking for donations so if you or someone you know might be interested in donating something for the prize pool, send me a line and lets talk.