I know. The race update is QUITE delayed. It seems every time I get online to work on it, either Geocaching is running slow or something more important pulls me away and I’m not able to get back. I’m working on it.

But, we do have some announcements. First, Debbie Does Decals has joined the sponsorship list and has sent a nice coupon for a free decal to join our prize pool. They make some cool decals, including a Travel Bug decal for those of you who have been thinking about getting one.

Another new sponsor is Landsharkz, a geocaching business based in Canada. They have sent a wonderful “All American” geocaching kit. Included are some geocaching information cards, an unactivated geocacoin, golf pencil, a Rite in the Rain logbook, “Official Geocache” sticker, a pin, a patch, a magnet, and what looks like a micro-bolo. Everything you need to start a new geocache short of a container.

I’ve gotten word that Coins and Pins is interested in sponsoring us too. They have instructed me to contact them closer to the end of the race and they will send me some stuff. If the stuff they sent me for my Halloween event is any indication, expect a collection of unactivated trackables to join the prize pool.

We also have a new geocoin courtesy of Contryguy.

Check in with the Prize Pool page to see the full list. So far, we have definitely met my promise of providing a prize at least equal to the cost of a Travel Bug and shipping the travel bug to me for entry into the race…and we’ve met that goal for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. We might even have enough for some extra prizes…we’ll just have to see.

Once again, I’m hoping to get the race updated soon. I might have some time this Friday and Sunday to work on it, provided nothing gets in the way. From the looks of things, we might see some changes to the top ten list.

Also, keep on the lookout. I might have a major announcement in the coming week beyond just a points update.