I know it’s taken a long time, but the Contestants page has been updated to reflect current points (minus one TB awaiting an e-mail).  And holy cow have some people changed in points.  Tomorrow, we’ll get a full review with an update to the standings.  I can say this, current stats have two racers pretty set in the top two spots, but it’s still open game for which one gets 1st and which one gets 2nd.  And 3rd place isn’t so set either as several contenders have a fair shot at placement.   To throw in another wrench, all it takes is one good move by one of the 3rd place contenders to throw another racer into the bidding for 1st or 2nd.

It’s coming down to the last two months and it’s going to be exciting.  Come back tomorrow for an update to the standings and an overview of what the playing field will look like these remaining two months.

And don’t forget that the entry period for the 2010 race has begun.  Click on the 2010 Race tab above to read about some of the changes and how to enter.

A thanks to ernbob, n2froggie, and want2bemore for helping get the points updating.  I’d still be working on it without there help thanks to all the files I lost in the computer crash last month.