As of right now, I have roughly 43 entries to the race, give or take a few as some cachers decide if they are entering one for the whole family or one for each member.  With this amount, we now have half the amount of racers as we did this year, and the race was only announced three weeks ago!  That’s pretty good.  Keep the entries coming everyone.  Just go to the 2010 Race tab above for entry information.

As each entry comes in, I have been sending out e-mails with a mailing address that you need to send the item to.  Next weekend, I will begin changing that mailing address to reflect the alternative destination.  This is merely an extra step to ensure that nobody’s travel bugs get left in Kansas City because they arrive late.  I will send out an e-mail to everyone who has already entered with the same alternate shipping address in case you are still waiting for your travel bugs to arrive in the mail so you can send it to me.

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, the official starting line has been drawn. THE GREAT TB RACE KICK-OFF PICNIC was published. This event is to be held on New Year’s Day in Dallas, Texas. At this event, all of the contestants for the 2010 race will be released, officially marking the start of the race. If you happen to be in the Dallas area at that time, feel free to stop on by for food, activities, door prizes, and the official start of the race.

With that, I get back to my regularly scheduled, late night, weekend lounging. 🙂