Some of you may have heard about the Great TB Race on Twitter. Likely because I have posted a lot of notes about it lately. For those who don’t follow me on Twitter, I am…bet you couldn’t figure this out…TRIPCYCLONE.

Last night I was in the Christmas spirit. So, I announced a contest to begin at 7 PM CT. The winner of the contest would win free entry to the race. In other words, I would send them the tracking number and activation code for one of my spare TB’s and give them an option of several items to choose from. They pick an item, they activate the travel bug, I drop it into the Check-In Can. No TB purchase, no shipping…free entry.

To enter the contest, you had to answer a question. The question was “When was the official start date of the 2009 Great TB Race?” In the three hours I left the contest going, I only got four entries. Being nice, I gave one bonus hour. Still only four entries. So what is the correct answer?

Originally, the race was to begin January 5th, 2009. That was at the end of October 2008. By December, I had changed it to January 7th as the planned start. But, as the original race rules stated, the race would begin on the publication date of the Starting Line cache. The publication date of that cache, called THE GREAT TB RACE STARTING LINE, was January 8th, 2009. That was the answer to the question. Two out of the four entries had the correct answer. Only one of them one, using to draw the name.

So, with that, let’s welcome Tenchi_kun to the race. His travel bug is awaiting activation.

Anyone else who might want to follow me on TWITTER, you might see some additional contests coming between now and the end of the year.