Okay everyone. You have until Wednesday to comment on this one. On Wednesday evening, the final decision will be made on the points table and I will begin making the tags for the upcoming race. If you have a suggestion, please post a comment and it will be considered.

The preliminary points table has been adjusted from last year. Checkpoint caches are now gone, point values have been adjusted, and some new goals have been added. Here’s what we have:

  • Visiting a cache – 1 point
  • Every 100 miles traveled – 1 point
  • Crossing state/country borders – 2 points
  • Pictures – 5 points
  • Exchange with a trackable – 10 points
  • Visited cache Difficulty or Terrain greater than 2.5 – 15 points
  • Attending events – 20 points
  • Earning an FTF – 25 points
  • Attending a CITO or MEGA event – 30 points

After some consideration of some of the ideas that have been suggested I will be introducing a new idea for the 2010 race.  Each month will have an additional monthly goal.  Goals will vary and typically require some kind of verification (photo verification will likely be common).  Points awarded for these goals will vary depending on the difficulty of the goal.  Hopefully, this will help keep things lively, adding an extra layer of competition for who can get the bonus goals.

So if you have another idea, let’s hear it.  Again, you have 48 hours from now to come up with an idea and present it for consideration before the final decision is made on the 2010 Points Table.