Tonight we award the three MIA prizes.  The prize is a free travel bug and item to attach to it, to be used to enter the 2010 race.  A drawing was held between all of the contestants whose travel bugs went missing during the race.  The final number, at the moment, was 40 travel bugs.  However, I took my own name out of the running.  With that, we announce the three winners.

First is TEAM 57, who entered three travel bugs last year, one for each member of the family.  Two were missing a month ago, but one of them was recently found and back in the race.  That left their American Flag TB, which went missing less than one month after the race began.

Second is ELTADA, who entered Lily Lizard.  Unfortunately, Lily was last seen in late February.

Third is besem, who entered the Red Lizard TB.  The little red guy went missing around the same time as TEAM 57’s American Flag, at the end of January.

Each of the winners has been contacted with instructions for how to claim their prize.  So a congratulations goes out to the three winners of the MIA prize.

Tomorrow, an announcement of the final points table will be made.  This will be the table that the race will be judged on.  So if you have any last minute ideas, go to my previous post about the “Preliminary Points Table” to make suggestions.