****I tried to make an announcement about this last week, but accidently posted it as a page instead of a post, so it didn’t show up on the front page.  Here it is again as intended.****

We have some additions to both the 2009 and 2010 prize pool to announce, along with two new sponsors of the race.

First up amongst the new sponsors is the Cache-a-Maniacs Podcast. If you haven’t listened to their show, it’s quite interesting. The show focus on fun and informative interviews with geocachers. As part of their sponsorship, they have donated three…that’s right…THREE Cache-A-Maniacs geocoins. As they requested, one of the coins will be applied to the 2009 prize pool, while the other two will join the 2010 prize pool. A welcome addition to our list of sponsors.

Our second sponsor comes from Brad Hancock, “an active duty U.S. Navy Officer and avid woodworker.” Once featured on an episode of Podcacher, Brad makes handcrafted wood displays that are perfect for displaying your collection of geocoins. The self proclaimed Crafter of Wood has donated three prizes to the 2010 prize pool in the form of gift certificates. In one of the easiest decisions regarding who gets one prize, the $30, $20, and $10 gift certificates will be directed into the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize pools for 2010 (respectively). Pictures of the displays can be found on his website.

Following our business sponsors, we have a donation from one of our contestants. USYoopers participated in the 2009 race, and decided to rejoin the race in 2010. Along with their entry came two unactivated geocoins (pictures to come later) to the 2010 prize pool.

Next, a donation from Cache Gators, another contestant in the 2010 race. Right now, his donation came in the form of money. The $10 donation will be put to use in purchasing prizes in the future.

And last but not least, I announced that Coins and Pins was a sponsor in 2009 a while back. I got word that their donation has arrived (it was sent to the location I will be a week from now). The package includes a collection of various items, including unactivated geocoins.

With all of these donations, it brings the estimated prize pool values to about $200 for the 2009 race and exactly $90 for 2010. With the value of the 2009 collection higher than I had originally hoped, it might allow me to divy up prizes a bit more. We’ll just have to see. 🙂

One last announcement. I previously mentioned MIA prizes. I am putting together a list of names and should have an announcement on that within a few days, if not tomorrow. We have one week left in the 2010 entry period for International entries, and two weeks left for Domestic entries. Let’s get those entries rolling and see if we can match the 81 travel bugs that started the race in 2009.