Merry Christmas to all race participants, both this year and next.  I know that many of you are in the throws of Christmas Day celebrations, just like me.  But, in the spirit of Christmas, I have one last present to all of you.  Today is the final Twitter Contest for free entry to the race, and this time…ANYONE CAN ENTER!  That’s right, even if you have already entered the race you can still enter this small contest and win a free travel bug.

You must have a TWITTER account to enter.  Just go to the website and create a free account if you don’t have one already.  Then, to enter the contest, follow these simple instructions:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, you need to follow me.  I’ll be checking all entries against the list of people following TRIPCYCLONE’S TWITTER ACCOUNT.  <—Click on this link and then click on the button that says “Follow” that is right under my profile image.  Then, sign into Twitter.
  2. Tweet the following phrase, EXACTLY as it reads below.  For those new to twitter, copy it into the “What’s happening?” form box at the top of your page.  Please only do this once.  Posting this message more than once will not help your odds in any way.

    #Geocaching Forget the partridge! I want a free Travel Bug in a Pear Tree for the Great TB Race. Contest rules at

  3. Wait until the contest ends. If you are the winner, you’ll receive a direct message from me through Twitter (and subsequently, your e-mail). An announcement will be made on here as well.

The contest will begin at the time this post is made (around 7 AM Central Time), and will last until 10 PM Central Time.  At that time, the names of everyone who enters will be thrown into RANDOM.ORG’s number generator to see who wins.  Everyone has a fair shot at winning.

And the prize?  The winner of the contest will get free entry to the Great TB Race.  This boils down to me sending you an e-mail with the tracking number and activation number for a travel bug, along with a list of possible attachments.  You just tell me what you want attached and then you activate it.  I’ll take care of everything else.

But wait.  I said ANYONE can enter, even those people already in the race.  If you have already entered the race, here are your options if you happen to win:

  • I can send you the travel bug.  You’re free to do what you want.  Consider it a replacement for the one you sent me.
  • Do you have a spouse, partner, girl/boyfriend, child, that wants to enter the race but you didn’t have enough travel bugs?  Here’s a chance to correct that.
  • I can send you the information and attachment options and you can have a non-racing travel bug released for you, either here in Dallas or when I get back to Kansas City.

So you see that even if you have already entered the race, it can benefit you to enter for a chance to win a free travel bug.  Good luck to everyone who enters and enjoy your Christmas Day.