In the last week I have received several new donations for the 2010 Prize Pool. Two of our racers have donated three coins apiece. One of the is FLO., who has a collection of coins that she sells. If you are interested in seeing what she has to offer, send her an e-mail. Tell her TripCyclone sent you so she knows that how you came across her name. The other three coins came from, and this is embarrassing, one of the other cachers who entered the race. I seem to have misplaced the tag I wrote their name on and can’t remember who it was. If you donated these the second three items, please post a note so I can update our donation list.

Before looking at the individual coins, here is a group photo of the new prizes. The top three coins are from Flo., and the bottom three from the Unknown Cacher:

First of the three coins donated by Flo. is the triangular shaped Parents of SAM coin, showing the state of Georgia on the back.  Second is the Luxembourg coin.  In the shape of the country of Luxembourg with their flag on one side, it has a pre-designed hole along the edge that allows the attachment to travel bugs or other items.  The last coin I already plan on setting aside for our 1st place winner.  It is a Compass Rose coin, a popular style of geocoin.  Flo. tells me that she has had trouble selling this for some reason due, presumably because it isn’t the most sought after color of the various Compass Rose coins out there.  Their loss, our gain.

Of the bottom three coins, we start with the Guardian Coin, which has a pair of wings on either side with the fllowing short poem:

Whatever you do
where you stay
may an angle protect
you from harm
along your way.

Next is a coin in the shape of a fish (looks like a Piranha), made by Dorkfish Coins.  Last is a great coin for any Geocaching addict.  With the simple phrase of “Give Up Geocaching?  When Pigs Fly”, you see a flying pig on the reverse side.  It definitely made me laugh.

And with one final donation, we got $10 from Truscott for the future purchase of prizes.  Thanks Truscott.

So with these additions to the prize pool, we close in on matching the 2009 prize pool value before the 2010 race even begins.  An awesome feat for us to make.

The race is only five days away.