We are currently building up the prize pool for the race. At the moment, all potential prizes go into a general collection. As the end of the race comes near, prizes will be tallied and a system will be developed to help divide the prizes up into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place sets. It may be a complicated system that ranks items based on the type of item, cost, and potential value to cachers to decide which pile each item goes in. It could be merely that I set up a dart board with pictures and toss darts to decide. All I can say is that it is too early to say. 🙂

But what we can do is help to keep track of the prizes. So every time we have an announcement of a prize, the prize will be added to the list below. Each item will be linked to the announcement so that any pictures posted can be seen.

The List:

Unactivated 2009 Nebraskache Geocoin – purchased with funds donated by Cache Gator

2 unactivated Geocoins – USYoopers

2 unactivated Geocoins – Cache-a-Maniacs Podcast

$30 Gift Certificate – Crafter of Wood

$20 Gift Certificate – Crafter of Wood

$10 Gift Certificate – Crafter of Wood

$10 Cash Donation – Truscott

3 Unactivated Geocoins – Flo.

3 Unactivated Geocoins – Luzian

1 Unactivated Geocoin, 2 T-shirts, several cache containersGeoTees

1 unactivated Help for Hereos geocoin – SleepyNow1

4 $5 gift certificates & 10 License Keys for Coin LoggerGC Soft