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February Goals & Prizes

As our volunteers get familiar with the process of scoring goals, I thought I would post a few announcements.  First up, the February Bonus Goals have been posted under the MONTHLY BONUS POINTS tab.

Next, we have two new sponsors.  First up is GC SOFT. GCSoft has created a variety of nice Geocaching Software to fit different purposes. I am currently beta testing their Traveller Tracker. While a nice program for keeping track of movements, because of the unique nature of our scoring system it may not be useful for keeping score. So far, it has been helpful for keeping up with when TB’s have moved and basics about their movement.

However, beta testing their software isn’t the only reason they are a sponsor. They have also donated four $5 gift certificates towards purchases on their site and 10 licenses for their Coin Logger Assistant. For anyone who has a collection of geocoins, that would be a nice piece of software to have.

Another sponsor is GEOTEES, who has some cool geocaching themed t-shirts. They have sent me a geocoin, two bison tubes, and a micro cache container, along with two Large t-shirts. The t-shirts are:

Last of all, Sleepynow1 has sent us a cool Help for Heroes geocoin, honoring those who have served in the line of duty. It is a pretty cool looking coin. You can see some information about the coin, along with pictures, at – Raising money for Help 4 Heroes.

With regards to how the scoring will work, volunteers aim for the last day of the month, but their own lives also need to carry on. Not every volunteer will get done at the same time. Now I’ve improved on the system I was using last year, including the ability to quickly spit out COMPLETE rankings as opposed to just the top ten. With everything going on, it may take up to a week to get all the results turned in and the rankings updated online. As usual, I will make an announcement when this occurs.

I’d also like to remind everyone that you may see occasional “Official Race Correction” notes on your travel bugs. If you see one, it is most likely because your TB suffered a dip. If you feel there is a mistake, you should first contact the person who is scoring your travel bug, which would be whomever posted the note. They are the one who is tracking your bug. They should be able to help you and if you happen to present it in a way where they need assistance, they will contact me. Rest assured that I have provided all scoring volunteers with a guide to help ensure that everyone knows how to score, and everyone is on the same page.

And I’ll end by giving a shout out to our volunteers for taking the time to help with the race. With 94 entries this year, it is making managing the race considerably less stressful than it was last year. They deserve a big thanks.



Announcements soon

Just a quick update to let people know what’s going as we work on the first month of the 2010 race.  Right now, we are getting things put together for our scoring volunteers.  This includes a guide to help get everyone on the same page for scoring the race.  We are also working on getting a contestants page up like we did last year.  And last of all, I have some prize announcements to make this weekend.  We have some cool items that have shown up recently and I can’t wait to share them with you.

I hope everyone is enjoying the race so far and getting some good movements on their bugs.  Remember that race updates are planned at the end of each month, with an official update on the site coming during the first week of the following month.  Also be sure to check in on the last day of each month, when we will post the Monthly goals for the following month.


Last 2009 update

I know I said I was closing the 2009 Race last night.  I had one more thing to do.  This is a quick announcement that all pages related to the 2009 race have been consolidated and removed from the tabs listed above.  However, they are still available to look at.  Just go to the tab labeled “2009 RACE DETAILS” to find links to the respective information.

Included with this is one final page that lists the final rankings for the 2009 race.  If you want to see what rank each item received, and the points for each, you will find it there.  The contestants page, which had the graphical links to each item, has also been updated to properly reflect the final points.  Again, you can link to it through this new 2009 page.

Thanks for all the support.  NOW we can officially say the 2009 race information is up to date, released, and closed.

The rules and standings tabs will be updated soon to reflect the 2010 rules and standings (well, the standings page won’t have anything until the first update).  That reminds me that all updates will be performed once month at the end of the month.