It has been a long and exciting year, full of jumps, dips, surprises, and dashed hopes for some.  After all of that, I get to the part everyone has been waiting a year for…the results.  I’ve tried my best to keep up with the race and those that have followed have likely realized just how massive an undertaking this has been, well beyond what I had originally expected.  Thanks to what I’ve learned, and to the generous support of our readers and contestants, the 2010 race should go easier.

Before we get to the results, I want to give a thanks to everyone who helped out in some form or fashion.  Many helped with early rule changes and some support in trying to get the Checkpoint Cache system up and running.  Several cachers offered up their caches for just that system, which was abandoned for 2010.  I also got some help from a few cachers in late 2009.  For those who didn’t know, my system crashed in October resulting in the loss of all race files.  Thanks to ernbob, n2froggie, and want2bemore, the very intensive job of reestablishing the scores for all 81 contestants was quickly achieved.

And the prize pool.  The prize pool ended up being larger than expected, large enough that I am splitting it up amongst the top five contestants instead of just the top three.  This was a result of generous donations from many cachers who participated in the race.  Their names are listed on the 2009 Prize Pool tab at the top of the page.  I want to give another mention of some of our sponsors in 2009, who each have links on the prize pool page as well:

  • Cache Advance
  • Landsharkz
  • Coins & Pins
  • Cache-a-Maniacs Podcast
  • Debbie Does Decals

In November, the standings seemed to have some clear winners for the race.  But in the time since, the results were shaken up more than expected.  NOT ONE OF THE TOP FIVE RACERS IN NOVEMBER MAINTAINED THEIR POSITION!  In November, the top five were (in order): Oversizeoregon, Solan109, Mr. Skully, YoungOohRah, Larry739.

With that, I would like to present the winner of the 2009 Great TB Race:

Swedish Nerds by Solan109 with 630 points

In second place:

TB Hummer by OversizeOregon with 597 points

In third place:

All Star by Bosox Art with 392 points

In fourth place:

KIMO by Mr. Skully with 378 points

And our last prize winner, finishing in fifth place:

Wooly Bugger by YoungOohRah with 341 points

But, what about the other people listed in the top ten?  Did any of them stay in the top ten?

6. Fly Away Home by entogeek with 317 points

7. Raisin Man by Larry739 with 310 points

8. Cape Cod by bmlussier with 297 points

9. Sugar Free Trick or Treat by geojosh1 with 280 points

10. Greetings from Sweden by Ettfemtiofyra with 274 points

So everyone give a round of applause to our prize winners, listed in bold above.  Prizes will be split up accordingly, with pictures of each prize package posted tomorrow.  Come back tomorrow to get the exciting news of what each of our winners will receive.