I know I said I was closing the 2009 Race last night.  I had one more thing to do.  This is a quick announcement that all pages related to the 2009 race have been consolidated and removed from the tabs listed above.  However, they are still available to look at.  Just go to the tab labeled “2009 RACE DETAILS” to find links to the respective information.

Included with this is one final page that lists the final rankings for the 2009 race.  If you want to see what rank each item received, and the points for each, you will find it there.  The contestants page, which had the graphical links to each item, has also been updated to properly reflect the final points.  Again, you can link to it through this new 2009 page.

Thanks for all the support.  NOW we can officially say the 2009 race information is up to date, released, and closed.

The rules and standings tabs will be updated soon to reflect the 2010 rules and standings (well, the standings page won’t have anything until the first update).  That reminds me that all updates will be performed once month at the end of the month.