The January Points Update is done.  I’ve created a new RANKINGS PAGE to display the ranks of all entries to the race.  It is under the 2010 Rankings tab above. Last year, we only posted the Top Ten.  This year, the rankings will display the current rank, TB Name, Reference # (for those who want to see the TB page), and the current score.  Please remember that this is based on the scores from the previous calender month and does not reflect current, at this moment, rankings or scores.

Also, I wanted to post a picture of one of the prize sets that got donated to use by GEOTEES.COM. Here is what they donated:

You are looking at two t-shirst, one geocoin, two bison tubes, and a screwtop micro container.

I am still working on putting together a contestants page like we had last year.  Once I have gathered all the data, I’ll work on putting together the page.