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Status Update

One set of numbers remains for calculating the February Points.  I’ve just gotten word that the person handling them is having some work related delays.  I will be working on updating the points but unfortunately, I am leaving town tomorrow and won’t be back until Monday.  If I can, I’ll take the files with me and work on them this weekend.  If not, the points update will be the first thing on my list when I get back.  Promise.



March Bonus Goals

I’m two days late, but the MARCH BONUS GOALS have been posted. They are:


  • 5 points for getting a picture taken with a cacher’s own house pet. Goal may be met up to three times, but only once per cacher, per pet (i.e.: a couple, each with their own geocaching account, cannot each post a photo of the TB with the same pet). Up to the discretion of the scoring volunteers to determine if the same pet is in two different photos. Photo must be of a house pet, not a wild animal or a captive animal at a zoo or similar location.
  • 10 points for visiting caches in three different states during the course of March. Does not include any caches that travel bugs were in as of the start of the month. Must be caches that travel bugs are dropped into AFTER the start of the month. Normal dipping rules apply.
  • 15 points for visiting a Wherigo cache. Must provide a photo of the Travel Bug with the completed cartridge screen, whether it is on a Colorado, Oregon, or Pocket PC. The photo may count towards the Photo goal, following normal photo rules.

Results from February are still pouring in. They will be posted once all of the results have been tallied.