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Just a quick notice that the last of the data has arrived and the March results are completely updated as of….right now.   The top ten hasn’t changed at all, but some of the lower ranks have due to the updated scores.

I also thought I would announce a new prize to the prize pool.  Some people have donated money for use in purchasing items and some of that has been used to get a new geocoin.  A cool geocoin in my opinion.  The coin is a 2009 Nebraskache coin.  Here’s a view of what it looks like:

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The coin is in the shape of the state of Nebraska, with the common geocaching colors on one side and a relief image of Carhenge on the other side. Carhenge is a popular tourist monument in Western Nebraska that features a replica of Stonehenge made out of cars. It has since been expanded to include some car related artwork off to the side of Carhenge.

A thanks to Cache Gator, whose money payed for the coin. One minor difference is that the coin is a silver color instead of the gold color in the photo.

I’m already reading some interesting logs and seeing interesting photos for the racers. Keep cheering them on. I’ll also recommend that all owners keep up with what’s going on with your racers and don’t be afraid to contact a cacher who seems to be holding on to the TB too long and politely ask for a status update. A number of racers that went MIA last year could have been avoided by regular check-ups of the items. Also check in with caches they seem stuck in. A quick note asking for verification that the item is still there can often produce a Yay or Nay, and even encourage cachers to pick it up to help move it along to another location. Every move can help, even if it is a minor move. And if cachers are willing to do simple things like take photos, exchange for the TB, etc., points can easily be earned.



The 2010 Points have been updated for March…partially.  Due to the problems I CAUSED by not getting the points updated for February, I’ve decided to go ahead and post what results I do have, even though I’m missing some data.  The missing data is filled using February results.  Once I have the rest of the March results, I’ll post them up here.  I don’t have an easy way to display which TB’s are awaiting results, so I will post an update as they roll in.

Apology…hopefully accepted

Okay.  I owe an apology.  I haven’t been on here in at least three weeks.  There is a reason and hopefully some understanding.

First, I promised an update on the February results by March 20th, explaining that there was a late change in a volunteer’s ability to update and we were compensating.  Thankfully, I had the results done that weekend even though I was traveling to visit family/get dental work done/using a really slow connection.  Unfortunately for all of you, I also came down with a cold that sapped a lot of energy and had me in bed for most of the following day, and I was traveling the following two days.  Hence why the points weren’t updated that weekend as promised.  I didn’t realize that I had missed putting up the completed stats until the end of last week as the March data started rolling in.  And why is that?…

I am about to hit MAP testing.  For those who aren’t teachers or have kids currently in school, it’s a big standardized test.  Every school has a version of it, and I have been working in overdrive at work to get my students ready for it by finishing my curriculum (by the way, I finished my entire year’s curriculum last week…I have two months to explore topics…including using GPS in the classroom!)  Between that and MAP testing starting tomorrow, my school workload begins to slow.  This allows me more time after work (I’ve had at least three days in the last three weeks where I have been at work past 8 PM…I leave for work at 6:30 AM).  This has kept me from a lot of stuff I’d like to do.

About the April Bonus Goals…it is now posted.  I just plain forgot about it as I prepared for a trip this last weekend.  In fact, due to the nature of the planned goals for May, I have posted both April and May goals together. A special bonus goal has been planned for May. I will also put word out that one of the bonus goals for July involves GeoWoodstock (with another special extra goal attached), so be prepared for that.

I know some people have been looking for info on here and I apologize.  Remember that when a points update is done, you will see an announcement on the main page.  Watch for that.  If you have signed up for the subscription link at the top of the right-hand column of information on any page, you will receive an e-mail when something is posted on this site.  I currently have April results from seven of the 11 different data sets/volunteers.

Again, I apologize for the lack of news on my end and missing the points update for April.  If there is ever a moment in the future where people have questions and I seem to be missing, the absolute guaranteed way to catch my attention is to send me an e-mail.  Just go to my Geocaching Profile and send me one.   HA HA…send me another one if you don’t hear from me by that evening.