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Information Update

First, I’ll let everyone know that the June Points update will hit on July 12th.  I am traveling until July 11th and the 12th will be the first chance to sit down and get all the results tallied.

Second, a reminder that the July Bonus Points are centered around the events going on in Washington July 4th weekend, however only one of them requires hitting the right date to complete.  That would be the major goal of hitting Geowoodstock VII.  Check out the BONUS GOALS PAGE for details.

One of the extra bonus goals this month is to get a photo of a racing travel bug with me. I’ve scattered some details in my TWITTER FEED about my plans, and you normal REGULAR BLOG has details about my travels as well. But sometimes, a direct message to the readers is the best, so I’ll add that I am actually volunteering at both the Friday Luau event and Geowoodstock, helping to ensure that I am at a specific spot for anyone wanting to get a photo for points.

At the Luau, you’ll find me at the registration tables from 3:00 – 5:00.

At GeoWoodstock, you’ll find me at the registration tables from 10:00 – 12:00.

After 12:00, I’ll be heading over to the Geopoker Tour tent to wait for that event to start as I’m high on the waitlist.

Just some details about where you can find me if you think you can meet that goal, or if you want to notify the person taking your TB to the event.



May Points Update

And the points are in, with a bit of a shake-up in the top ten as several more racers cross the 300 point threshold.  Crafter of Wood 1 remains in the pole position but it may not stay there for very long. Especially with some big jumps that have happened recently.  CachingCop’s Twitter Winner made a 6500 mile jump from Arkansas to Japan.  We’ll see if any further jumps help it out.

The only report of a cartoon for the May Bonus Points came from the owner of the bug.  Unfortunately, due to our rule about owners not moving any of the racing TB’s, this cartoon won’t be considered for the points.  But still cool none the less.  If there are cartoons that I didn’t hear about, post some comments and we’ll put together a post.

For those who are paying attention to the July Bonus Points, especially the one regarding the special bonus for GeoWoodstock, I promised some information.  Getting pictures is always fun, especially around 10AM at the main stage.  Maybe with the guy wearing the beat-up Yellowstone National Park ballcap.

We are still awaiting two sets of data, so the current points list is only a partial update.  Again, sorry for the delay but I’ve had some issues this last week.  See my previous post for information as to why this update didn’t happen a week ago.

Keep on racing, and don’t forgot to keep up with your bugs.  If it’s stuck in a spot, contact the cache owner or the person handling the bug.  A little encouragement can go a long way.  We’ve already had one bug come back from the grave to rejoin the race in May.  Let’s hope some more can do the same.


May Points Delay

Sorry for the delay in getting points up. Not all of the results have been submitted to me and I have my own problems right now. This weekend will probably be the point where I can sit down and work on it. I usually do my own results one week after the next month starts. As you are about to hear, that also happens to correspond to a new development that has become a more pressing issue (I haven’t even logged my finds from Sunday because of this).

With regards to my own issues, I am currently going in to work every day to work on packing both my classroom and have been helping with other things as we prepare to move to a new building at the end of the month. On top of that, I am currently working on replacing my own Geo-Vehicle. My current one, aka: the pain in my A&#!!!!, starting making some engine noises this past Sunday. Rather than try to fork over money to tear open and repair the engine, I’ve decided a new vehicle is both easier and more economical in the end.

All of this, in combination with waiting for some more results to roll in, is causing a delay. Please bear with me. I thought I would provide everyone with this information so that you aren’t blindly wondering what’s going on.

On an early note, it sounds like a few MIA bugs have popped back up on the radar. Way to go to those owners who I’m sure are very happy to see that they aren’t completely out of the race. A reminder that several bugs who went through that last year ended up doing rather well.

Until this weekend,