As we await the points for May, the bonus goals for June and July have been posted. Go HERE for details.

Why post the July goals early?  July bonus goals are tied to attending GeoWoodstock so early planning will be needed to help them meet these goals.  Only one of the goals actually involves attendance at Geowoodstock and there is event a special Bonus Bonus Goal attached to that one.  If you can find me…TripCyclone…at the event and get a photo of the racing travel bug with me, you can earn extra points.  Will I tell you where exactly I will be?  Not exactly.  I don’t even know where I’ll be at any point.  But I will be posting some clues for how to locate me on this site.TWITTER might be a valuable tool during the event.

Two other goals in July do not require attendance at GeoWoodstock, and it is entirely possible to meet those goals at any point during the month of July. One involves visiting one of the three Trifecta caches. The third one involves meeting a Groundspeak Lackey. By the way, if you happen to meet a Lackey and get the required photo for that goal, feel free to talk up the race with them. I’ll be visiting the headquarters July 9th and plan on mentioning it to them, but I won’t have an actual TB to show them.

Personally, I’m wondering how many bugs will make it to GeoWoodstock this year. Last year we had about five or six attend. Can we beat that this year?