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Automated Process

Please see the previous post for info on the June update.

I’ve already been contacted by a friend and they had an idea. They agreed that an automated process would be nice, but also pointed out the cost of it. So, here’s the thing. If we go to a third Great TB Race, what would be the response towards having a small entry fee? The fee would help to offset the costs of setting up an automated process for updating race information for that year. Presumably, to get this set up we would need a site that can better handle information uploads, calculations, and updating the display of race standings, and this might cost some money.

The other question is if anyone out there has enough experience with web programming to help with setting this up?

Again, we are open to ideas. This happens to be a good idea, but it’s the cost that might prohibit it. I am putting this out there now as we have about three months before I start looking at advertising next years race, and about five months to get everything set up.



I am sorry to those who have been awaiting a points update. Here was the plan:

Traveling for GeoWoodstock June 28th-July 7th.
Traveling from Arizona to Kansas City July 8th-11th.
Planned update on July 12th.

The problem:
Car dies June 28th in Kansas City.
Rental Car theft June 28th in the parking lot for the Project APE cache.
Emergency plans to travel to Dallas July 12th to purchase a car (discount through family and cheaper prizes in Dallas compared to KC).
1 hour stop at my home on the evening of July 11th. Forgot some things, struggled to find others. Forgot to copy race files to take with me to Dallas.
Spent July 12th-July 17th setting up bank accounts (a checkbook with account information was stolen in the above theft), handling direct deposit/bills for new account, and trying to deal with purchasing a new car.

So here’s the plan:
Currently don’t have all my needed files. I can’t do my own updates, let alone compile everything. Plus, not all updates have been submitted. I could have worked from there with a partial update but without everything submitted, I can’t do much without leaving huge gaps.

I’ll work on getting some partial updates from the data I do have submitted. It won’t be anywhere near complete. Give me today to try and get that done and I’ll post it on here (not the monthly standings, but in a main post here). When August roles around, we’ll get a complete update to the standings in place.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a foolproof system in place to handle everything, I am working on ideas for how to improve things next year. Having the volunteers definitely spreads out the scoring workload. That’s one step. Now we need to figure out if we can get a better system in place for race updates. I don’t have the programming where-with-all to figure out how to automate the process.

I’m open to ideas for how to improve the system.