The August Monthly Goals have been updated. They are:

August GOALS

  • 5 points for getting a picture with something related to the number 8. Relation must be clearly identified. This goal may be met twice for a total of 10 points. Photos tied to this goal will not count towards normal photo goals.
  • 10 points for being placed in a cache in a state whose name starts with “O”, “S”, or “V”. Can count once per letter (i.e.: once for the letter O, once for the letter S, and once for the letter V), for a total of 30 points overall. If the racer is already a state starting with O, S, or V as of the beginning of August, that state cannot be used for this goal.
  • 15 Points for finding a cache on August 7th or August 16th. Goal may be met once per date, for a total of 30 points.

After a crazy month of July, the points update is will occur this weekend, even if not all the points are in. I understand that some are anxiously awaiting them, but problems occurred. Look at BUSY MONTH & A MISTAKE for details why last month’s update didn’t occur. Also, be sure to check out AUTOMATED PROCESS for details on an improvement to the race we are looking into and to voice your thoughts, good or bad. We are looking for ideas and/or help, so if you have an idea or have the experience to help us with our idea, please contact me.