The August points update is in and the top 20 has been rearranged a bit, but they are all still there. Eek! the Spider is still in the lead as the only racer over 500 points, but some others are catching up. Can it hold it’s lead? Only time will tell.

We did have an interesting story from Shrek the Explorer. Seems Shrek was involved in a purse snatching earlier this year. Then, in late July, the purse was recovered along with all the geocoins and Shrek still inside. Talk about taking an interesting journey. I can only hope the same thing happens with the backpack that was stolen from our rental car in June.

One more update will occur tomorrow night as two remaining pieces of data are finished.

Now, on to next year. Before we begin the process of starting next year, let’s look at a few things that need to be done or changed:

1.We are getting rid of Monthly Goals. While they have been more successful than last year’s Checkpoint caches, they can be frustrating to score. However, the idea of bonus goals isn’t a bad idea. So next year, we’ll look at adjusting when and how we award them. Maybe some bonus goals to be awarded at the end of the year: mileage, # of events attended, # of pictures posted, etc. Or maybe quarterly or a mid-race bonus. We’ll see.

2.Timeliness. We are still looking at how to improve the process of getting updates posted. As I’ve stated, we’ve found a way to spread out the workload and now we need to work on timing. We’ll continue to look into the idea of an automated process, but progress in that area has been slow. Other ideas will be considered, so if you think you have one, let me know.

3.Starting location. I think moving from Kansas City to Dallas for the starting location was a good idea. It changes things up a bit and ensures that the same people are responsible for getting the race going every year. So, with this post, I’m putting an all call out for anyone interested in being the host for the start of the race. What does this entail? It means that you would be in charge of being the mailing point for all the entries, getting tracking information to me, attaching race tags, and hosting a New Year’s Day event to release the bugs (that was another successful change this year). We would like to see this occur in a larger city that has enough cachers and caches to spread out the TB’s. Expect there to be about 100 TB’s (Year one had 81 and this year was 94). If you’re up for this role, please post a comment on here with the city you are submitting for hosting the start of the race.

I would like to have #3 worked out by October. Plan for major details to arrive at the start of October, with registration soon to follow.

With that, everyone have a good night and don’t forget to check back tomorrow night for the last two data sets. I’ll add a comment to this post when it’s ready.