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September Points Update

The September Points update is in…almost. I’ve updated the points we have, but due to a delay, two sets of data are still being processed. I’ll update the points shortly.

With the redesign, just go to the “2010 Race Details” tab at the top of the page to find the link to the current rankings. You can also go to the bottom of the site where a complete page listing is available.

We are still catching a few design issues. If you come across a regularly visited page with text that is hard to read, please post a comment. For example, in our previous design the Monthly Bonus Goals page had blue text for each month’s title. That is hard to read on the new page and it has been adjusted to black. Links, however, are much easier to see than the previous design.

Don’t forget to start thinking about whether you want to join the 2011 race or not. Details at the “2011 Race Details” tab, with instructions for how to register. We already have two entries and we’ve only had it up for two days! Keep them coming.



First of all, if you’ve visited this site at all in the past, you might notice that it looks a bit different.  I’ve made some changes to the site just to make things a bit different.  Included are some navigation changes to the main site pages.  At the top of the new layout, you’ll see several buttons labeled “20XX Race Details”.  All pages related to individual races have now been organized under those buttons.  Just click on the respective year and you’ll be redirected to a page with that year’s information.  You can also find a complete listing of all pages at the bottom of the site.

Previously, the subscription tab was off to the side.  Now, it is right at the top in nice big letters.  If you want to ensure that you are always aware of when new information is posted to the site, click on that button to sign up for e-mail notifications.

Now on to 2011 Race Details.


Registration for the 2011 race has officially opened.  Go to the 2011 Race Details page to access the Entry Form, read about the 2011 Race Rules, and a link to our announcement about the starting location.  For those familiar with the race rules, just go HERE.


October Bonus Goals

Wow. Two months in a row that I’ve been late posting the goals. Sorry guys. I threw in an extra bonus goal this month. Here are the October goals (thanks Entogeek for the reminder. I used your 5 point goal.):

October GOALS

  • 5 points for completing a multi cache with at least three stages (including the final). May be met only once.
  • 10 points for getting a picture with someone in a Halloween costume. Picture may count towards normal photo goal.
  • 15 Points for getting a picture with a Halloween themed geocache or a picture taken at a Halloween themed event. May be met twice, once for a cache and once for an event. Event must occur during the calender month of October. No picture, no bonus points.
  • BONUS GOAL – 10 Points for attending a 10/10/10 event.

I should have all the documents for the 2011 race ready tonight with an announcement about registration tonight or tomorrow.