Wow. Two months in a row that I’ve been late posting the goals. Sorry guys. I threw in an extra bonus goal this month. Here are the October goals (thanks Entogeek for the reminder. I used your 5 point goal.):

October GOALS

  • 5 points for completing a multi cache with at least three stages (including the final). May be met only once.
  • 10 points for getting a picture with someone in a Halloween costume. Picture may count towards normal photo goal.
  • 15 Points for getting a picture with a Halloween themed geocache or a picture taken at a Halloween themed event. May be met twice, once for a cache and once for an event. Event must occur during the calender month of October. No picture, no bonus points.
  • BONUS GOAL – 10 Points for attending a 10/10/10 event.

I should have all the documents for the 2011 race ready tonight with an announcement about registration tonight or tomorrow.