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The End and the Beginning

Well, we are down to the final hours of the 2nd Annual Great TB Race.  It’s been a busy year.  For everyone in the race, please be patient as we do the final scoring check.  Once the scores have been tallied, we will announce the winners, then work on splitting up the prize pool.

As to the 3rd Annual Great TB Race, get ready to start the race.  The starting event is less than 24 hours away.  For everyone who has entered the race, you should receive a log entry sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.  CachingCop will be “grabbing” the item from your possession.  Once all items have been grabbed, he will drop them into the event.  This is done by us as part of our check-in process, and as a way to mark the start of the log entries for our scoring volunteers.  Please do not drop them yourself.

If you are in the Phoenix area, and are planning on bringing the item to the event yourself, then either contact me via e-mail with your tracking #’s so that I can check it in virtually, or else CachingCop will take care of it after the event.  Please make sure you check in with CachingCop so that he can record your tracking #’s and attach the official race tag.

We will be posting a “Tips” article in the coming week for all race contestants.  These will cover some ways to help ensure your TB has a successful year.

With that, good luck to everyone who has entered the 3rd Annual Race, and a congrats to everyone who finished the 2nd Annual Race.



Twitter Winner

The December Twitter Contest has ended and a winner selected.  By random drawing, new cacher FaithAmor1337 won free entry to the race. Congrats.

We’ll have an announcement for the MIA prize in the coming days.

And I forgot to mention this, but the Race Standings were updated to include November earlier this week. At the moment, there seems to be a clear winner for the race, possibly even 2nd place, but 3rd, 4th, and 5th place are still fighting for the chance to win prizes.

A little under two weeks left in the 2010 race before we do the final points tally and announce the results of the 2nd Annual Great TB Race.

And don’t forget to get registered for the 3rd Annual Great TB Race. Open registration ends on Christmas Day, unless you happen to live in the Phoenix area and plan on attending the Opening Event.


2010 Race News

We have a few pieces of news to take care of.  First of all, the one many are waiting for…the points update for November.  Results are being tallied and I will post an update tomorrow evening.

This year, we had a great group of scoring volunteers who were very helpful in getting all of the scores calculated, greatly relieving some stress for me.  Some hiccups occurred as it is a learning process, but overall things have gone rather well.  As such, a TB was set aside and a drawing was held earlier this afternoon.  NC_Cachegeek, one of our scoring volunteers, won a free entry to next years race. A congrats to him, and another huge, public thanks, to each of you for your help.

We have two more prizes to award in December.  One is the MIA prize.  This prize is awarded to one cacher whose 2010 race entry went missing and hasn’t been heard from again.  Scoring volunteers have submitted a list of all TB’s that haven’t been heard from since before July 1st.  We use this as a cut-off for movement, same as last year.  This helps to prevent items that are in less active caches from popping up.  All items will be checked once more by me before the drawing, and a few more might get added as a result if situations (aka…muggled cache) present a clear case of MIA status since July 1st.  The winner of this drawing will receive free entry to next years race.  A chance to try again.

The second prize will be the December Twitter Contest.  Details will be coming later this week, so stay tuned to learn how you can win free entry to next year’s race.  Everyone is eligible unless you have already won a prize (meaning Softball29, NC_Cachegeek) or are involved with hosting for the race (CachingCop, and myself).

There are now less than two weeks left to enter the 2011 race.  If you have a TB, and you haven’t won, you are missing out on some fun and potential prizes.  Just a reminder, here are the prizes for the 2009 Prizes and the 2010 Prize Pool. Check it out to see examples of what you could win.



PS: The starting event has been listed.  If you’re in the Phoenix area on New Year’s Day, go check it out.  The event is 2011 Great TB Race Kick-Off.