Well, we are down to the final hours of the 2nd Annual Great TB Race.  It’s been a busy year.  For everyone in the race, please be patient as we do the final scoring check.  Once the scores have been tallied, we will announce the winners, then work on splitting up the prize pool.

As to the 3rd Annual Great TB Race, get ready to start the race.  The starting event is less than 24 hours away.  For everyone who has entered the race, you should receive a log entry sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.  CachingCop will be “grabbing” the item from your possession.  Once all items have been grabbed, he will drop them into the event.  This is done by us as part of our check-in process, and as a way to mark the start of the log entries for our scoring volunteers.  Please do not drop them yourself.

If you are in the Phoenix area, and are planning on bringing the item to the event yourself, then either contact me via e-mail with your tracking #’s so that I can check it in virtually, or else CachingCop will take care of it after the event.  Please make sure you check in with CachingCop so that he can record your tracking #’s and attach the official race tag.

We will be posting a “Tips” article in the coming week for all race contestants.  These will cover some ways to help ensure your TB has a successful year.

With that, good luck to everyone who has entered the 3rd Annual Race, and a congrats to everyone who finished the 2nd Annual Race.