Now that you’ve registered for the 2011 Great TB Race, there are a few documents for you to look at.

1. RACE INFORMATION – no longer needed
This will go over information particular to this year’s race, including updates from previous years. It also contains the shipping details for sending in your entry, and details about the entry fee and how to donate items. Read this first.

You are open to do whatever you want with your Travel Bug’s profile. This document is an example of a mission statement for your travel bug. You are welcome to copy this if you desire.

Just like the Mission document above, this one is optional. However, this one is special. If you want to add a link back to this site, and post a copy of the points table into your Travel Bug’s profile, you will need to:

a. On the Edit page of the Travel Bug page, go down to Description and select the “Source” button on the far right side of the editing buttons.

b. Copy the ENTIRE contents of this document into the Description.  Do not alter anything if you aren’t familiar with HTML programming.

Last year, we created a scoresheet to help volunteers more easily calculate a travel bug’s current score. Several contestants asked for help with scoring and I decided that this year, I would go ahead and provide the scoresheet to everone so that you can follow along with the race. It is very important that you do not alter the last two rows in any way. This document is designed to automatically calculate the score. It should be easy to figure out, but just in case, here are a few tips:

a. Fill out each geocache that your TB visits on it’s own row.

b. When filling out the columns, put a 1 under each goal that is met.

c. For the mileage column, put in the actual mileage traveled from the previous geocache visited.  If it travels 235.6 miles, put down 235.6 miles, not 2 (for meeting the 100 miles goal twice).  Final score for miles is based on total miles.

d. If an event is attended, mark the respective event column, but leave the “Caches” column blank. Caches are counted separately from events.

e. Remember to read the race rules carefully to ensure that you are filling out the document correctly.  If you feel there is a mistake in your score, you need to contact TripCyclone, and make sure to send a copy of this scoresheet so that he can see what you see.

That covers all the race documents for now.  Please do not give the link to this page to anyone else.  This is only for race entrants.  Just like you did, when they enter the race, they will receive the link to this page.

All e-mails I send out will contain “Great TB Race” in the subject line.  If the e-mail account you provided upon registration automatically filters e-mails for junk mail, please add a filter/rule that will exclude the subject “Great TB Race” from the filter so that you don’t miss any e-mails I send out.  I only send out mass e-mails to race entrants if there is something for your eyes only.  Any other news will be posted on this site.  To ensure that you are notified of updates, make sure to click on the “Sign Me Up” button at the top of the page.  You will receive an e-mail any time new information is posted on here.