As I work on tallying the final results for 2010, I was reminded that several have offered to help this year.  So let’s look at where some help would be appreciated.

Scoring Volunteer

– Your role would be to help score some of our entries.  Once a month, you would send in the scores for each of the items you are responsible for so that I can update the monthly rankings.  How many TB’s you score depends on the number of volunteers.

Site Volunteer

– While posting an update on here doesn’t take much work, a second person could provide some help in enhancing the site a bit more.   Maybe getting some photos from the race posted on here, or spicing up my monthly updates.  Maybe posting some “Interviews with the Racers” or something else fun like that.  There’s always more we can do, but time is usually a factor.

So we have two ways to help volunteer.  Where we really need volunteers is with scoring.  Alone, this could take an entire day or two to work on.  With help, it can be knocked down to less than 90 minutes a month.  As for the site volunteer, a second person to help with maintaining and improving this site is probably enough.  If there are a bunch of people interested in volunteering for this, I may need to figure out a way to narrow the list down, or maybe figure out if there is some way for several people to help contribute.

If you would like to volunteer for something, please post a comment on here.  Include your Geocaching Name (your e-mail helps and only I can see it), and please mention if you are volunteering for SCORING or SITE.

We’ll have results for the 2010 race soon.  Results are still coming in from our volunteers as they check their work.