Right now, even though I have one set of data still coming, I’d go ahead and post the incomplete results.  I can’t do that yet.  Why?  Because the top 10 positions have been altered.  There have been a few leaps by various TB’s that have rearranged several positions.  Plus, one item in the awaited data set has shown enough movement, including the 30-point December Bonus Goal, that it could come in and adjust it even more…including the person currently sitting in the prize winning 5th place!

So, everyone awaiting the final results will have to wait just a tad bit longer.  After the November results, the Top Ten were:

1    Eek! A Spider!    TB2RZJD    698
2    Herkamur    TB32NBD    492
3    sbc’s traveler    TB2HP94    449
4    My Travel Log, by X    TB14VX7    442
5    Basshole    TB32NVN    416
6    Patriotic Find!    TB2AYQ8    413
7    Blue the Wonderdog!    TB34VKT    410
8    Keep on Walkin’    TB21E21    402
9    Sparkly Tube    TB2HVK9    395
10    Cape Cod Travel Bug    TB32NWE    394

Will Eek! The Spider maintain their amazing lead and win the race?  Will the Wonderdog fly into some prizes?  What is a Herkamur?  These questions and more will just have to wait.