I know many have been dying to find out who won the race.  Well, maybe not so much as Eek! the Spider has been pretty secure in it’s 1st place position for the last few months with almost a solid 200 point lead.  So how about we rephrase that and say that people have been dying to find out who got 2nd – 5th place.  Yeah.  That sounds better.

So, a quick recap.  Here are the standings at the end of November:

1    Eek! A Spider!    TB2RZJD    698
2    Herkamur    TB32NBD    492
3    sbc’s traveler    TB2HP94    449
4    My Travel Log, by X    TB14VX7    442
5    Basshole    TB32NVN    416
6    Patriotic Find!    TB2AYQ8    413
7    Blue the Wonderdog!    TB34VKT    410
8    Keep on Walkin’    TB21E21    402
9    Sparkly Tube    TB2HVK9    395
10    Cape Cod Travel Bug    TB32NWE    394

Herkamur has a good lead, but with two racers in the 440 range, one good move could change that. Basshole is in 5th, but has several racers hot on it’s fin. It would only take 22 points for our 9th place racer to take over 5th place and win some prizes.

Before we announce the winners, let’s take a quick look at spots 6-10 from the final results:

6 Fingerboarding Racer TB2KA02 444
7 Cape Cod Travel Bug TB32NWE 437
8 Patriotic Find! TB2AYQ8 413
9 Sparkly Tube TB2HVK9 411
10 Blue the Wonderdog! TB34VKT 410


What’s this?

Clearly the 6-10 positions have had a shakeup.  Sparkly Tube and Cape Cod Travel Bug have made some moves.  My Travel Log, which was at 442, is not on the chart so that obviously means it jumped enough to pass SBC’s previous score of 449, who was in THIRD PLACE!  But then we add in Fingerboarding Racer, which wasn’t even in the top 10 after November, with a surprise jump to 6th place!  So that raises the question…what has happened to the top 5?  All of these points are still lower than the top five….sorry, spots 2 – 5 as Eek! had such a clear advantage.  Let’s move on and see what damage has occurred.

Fifth Place

Finishing in fifth place was SBC’s Traveler with a score of 449.  No movement in December was dangerous for this guy but he lucked out in the end and only dropped from third to fifth.  I actually happen to know SBC so I’ll get to hand deliver the prizes.  BTW…he didn’t even want to join the race, and had no expectation to win.  A friend of ours forced him to enter.  I’m thinking that that friend (whose own entried went MIA back in January) might need a huge thanks.

Fourth Place

Coming in at forth place was My Travel Log X with 458 points.  Some December movements saved this one, otherwise it would have been in sixth place with less points than Fingerboarding Racer.  Talk about good timing.  Wait, wasn’t Basshole in fifth?  Those fins must have drove it into third.

Third Place

The Bronze Medal is awarded to Herkamur, who unfortunately did not see any points in December.  This was too bad as it seems to have clearly been the difference Basshole needed to jump into second place.  However, third place is a pretty good spot to be.

Second Place

Now, here is where we find a racer that has knocked several other racers out of their positions.  Bass…wait. Basshole wasn’t 2nd?  EEK! THE SPIDER IS IN SECOND PLACE!!!???  After an amazing string of luck that vaulted this little spider well into the 1st place spot for several months, with no clear chance of catching up, including being the only racer to get the extra bonus points of not only attending Geowoodstock, but getting a picture taken with the race host…ME…to end in 2nd place?  Wow.  And with no movement during the month of December, this guy seems to have run out of luck. But still, it maintained a solid lead, still 200 points ahead of the next person in line.  So with that…



Basshole made some major point jumps in the final months of the race.  Roughly in the middle of the pile for a while, having made it to Northern Europe, but then only bouncing around Finland and Sweden.  Then, in early October, a leap was made to Eastern India.  A month later…back to Europe, this time to France.  After sitting for two weeks with no action, a cacher was given permission to go back and move it.  Soon after, a jump to Greece landed it within the top 5 by the end of November.  So how did it make it to 1st place?

At the end of November, the listed score for Basshole hadn’t changed.  I have discovered that this was due to an error with copying the numbers over.  After moves in November, it should have ended in second place.  So moving into December, we saw another jump, albeit a minor one into Turkey that helped get it into position for a massive jump from SouthEastern Europe to Ohio, earning it a considerable amount of mileage points, but more importantly, the border crossing points that helps shot it up close to Eek!.  But then when we add in some photos, events, exchanges, D/T ratings, we find it nudging just past Eek!.  About 30 bonus points pushed it even further.  An extra smack to Eek!’s drop from the position of leader of the race.  Quite an amazing comeback for this little fish.

So there we have it.  Our winners of the 2010 Great TB Race.  The rankings have been updated under 2010 Race Details for those who want to check out how they did in the end.  A number of other racers bounced around the rankings as well.

We’ll have prize announcements coming shortly.