The following is a list of all Travel Bugs that were registered for the race AND were present at the starting event.  Before I give that list, I had three people whose bugs were not seen at the event who I have already contacted:

  • Slightly Tall Paul
  • swfirefly
  • Swimingfish

Now this list is done in alphabetical order by the owner’s name (column 3).  Please check this list and confirm that you are on the list.  If your name is on the list, you are good to go.  Please do not comment on this list.  As far as I can tell, this list is complete between the check-in list CachingCop helped compile and the data from the registration form that people filled out.  I believe I caught everything, but if for some reason your name is not on this list, please contact me.

Oh…yeah.  One more thing.  When you filled out the registration form, all the data was sent to a file seen only by me.  If your name IS NOT on that list, it means you did not register for the event.  Please do not try to contact me saying that your entry is missing, hoping to get in even though you didn’t follow the registration process.

Ref # Name Owner
TB43535 JabberJaw alswelke
TB3M06M coccinellidae apyro
TB3M06W Musca Domestica bafl01
TB3M0K4 Fly Me BB aka “L”
TB3ZM29 Cape Cod TB bmlussier
TB3M3K6 Drunken Swede Cache Chick
TB3M3JE Speedy Kitty TB Racer 2011 Cache Chick
TB3ZAF3 Ballycumber: Eat, Sleep, Cache, Read, Release cachebether
TB3N5HT Joe Momma’s 2011 Great TB Race Entry CachingCop
TB2MCXC Amandazon Geocoin (Barclay) CASM327
TB2R4KN 2 Wheel Racer casninocanines
TBNKAW Racing for ALS in memory of Uncle Bill civilwarbuff
TB33XD0 Flashy deb3day
TB3MDXQ Here Kitty, Kitty entogeek
TB3N5HK Sneaky Snail faithamor1337
TB40401 Mario’s Racing Around famof410
TB3MDX8 Fangly’s Racing Coin! fanglyfish
TB3M1CR Inch along Racer FarmboyKevin2
TB3N5GY One Fish Two Fish Flo.
TB3MXWY Porpoise with a Purpose! FloridaFour
TB401CB Franks Travel Bug Racer – the Bike Chain Frank AZ and NJ Girl
TB401BZ Christines Travel Bug Racer – Geo Honu Frank AZ and NJ Girl
TB34V1W fuzziebear3’s Great Adventure fuzziebear3
TB3KZXZ Let’s See If #88 Can Win One GeoJunkie
TB1R0Z3 Prepared to Travel GPS Derek
TB3ZRJ2 Hogybear’s TB Entry hogybear
TB3M1CV LB’s Mouse Racer Hurry Up Lets Go
TB2A3VD jadefalcon’s Eagle TB jadefalcon
TB40M4C Team Flakes Kbfamily
TB3M1ZK Larry522’s Truckin TB Racer II Larry522
TB20Z6D Rudolph and the 2011 Great TB Race LisaandDarin
TB3N5HA N2Froggie’s Race to the End N2Froggie
TB3N5GZ A Coyote Cactus NC Cachegeek
TB3ZRH6 Neeterbug’s TB for TB Race neeterbug
TB3HMC2 Split Happens!! NYSandy23
TB3ZMVE Lilly’s 2011 Butterfly Racer pkupmn98
TB3RVF8 Tiki Tiki Taka Taka Tookie Tookie Hike pyromomma
TB3YVXW Whiskers & Willie Play Cat & Mouse pyromomma
TB3D971 Hans & Frans want to Pump You Up pyromomma
TB3C45W Pip Pip Old Chap – UK Flag TB pyromomma
TB42140 radDad1 Racer radDad1
TB336N0 Huskies RobmanW
TB3YPJZ Basshole II rrwriii
TB3Q12R Scooby Drew’s HQ Race Contestant Scooby Drew
TB3851V Scrappydoopup’s GeoBoy Race Contestant Scrappydoopup
TB3MDXT Smile! sestary
TB3MDY1 Smile for the camera Skyecat
TB3N5H5 Travel Bug Dog Tag Sleepynow01
TB3N81K Light Cycle Racer Solomon Grundy
TB3N5GA Cat in the Hat stink bug crew
TB2HNA4 O.K. Corral at Tombstone tcreiglow13
TB199DQ “G”eocaching Travel Bug Team Gamsci
TB33JA1 Tanner’s Dog Bone Team K9
TB2RTNC Ghost Racer The.Doctor
TB39EFX Texas Travel Boot TheBunchucks
TB3N5H1 Racing Bat TripCyclone
TB3M1D0 Case Racer Wee Be Team
TB3MMMQ Grateful TB willandem

By the way, there were 59 bugs present at the starting event. When including the bugs that were missing, we have 63 entries to the race. I’ll be honest. As December rolled around, I was beginning to wonder if we’d even have half that amount. I’m happy if we get over 50 entries, so this is good. A good luck to all our entries. Over the rest of this month, I’ll be posting some details about keeping track of your score, and we’ll be introducing two volunteers who will be helping with site maintenance.

For everyone new to the race, please be aware that we aim to have monthly updates to the scores. We try to get them at the end of the first full week of the next calender month. However, as we have volunteers helping, sometimes life gets in the way. We did pretty good last year with trying to update within 2 weeks at the latest. I will always post an update when the scores have been posted, so if you’ve signed up for an e-mail subscription, you’ll be alerted when that happens.