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January Results

The first set of results have been posted for the 2011 Great TB Race.  You can find them by going HERE or by going to the 2011 Race Details tab at the top of the page.

One piece of data accidentally got sent wrong, so once it is resent to me, I will update the list once more.  More details on the first month of the race coming soon.

Rank Name Reference # Score
1 LB’s Mouse Racer TB3M1CV 102
2 radDad1 Racer TB42140 81
3 fuzziebear3’s Great Adventure TB34V1W 79
4 Neeterbug’s TB for TB Race TB3ZRH6 67
5 Smile for the camera TB3MDY1 65
6 Rudolph and the 2011 Great TB Race TB20Z6D 61
7 Fly Me TB3M0K4 59
8 Cape Cod TB TB3ZM29 59
9 Here Kitty, Kitty TB3MDXQ 58
10 Team Flakes TB40M4C 56
11 O.K. Corral at Tombstone TB2HNA4 55
12 Basshole II TB3YPJZ 52
13 Hogybear’s TB Entry TB3ZRJ2 52
14 Case Racer TB3M1D0 47
15 Whiskers & Willie Play Cat & Mouse TB3YVXW 43
16 Split Happens!! TB3HMC2 42
17 Fangly’s Racing Coin! TB3MDX8 41
18 Drunken Swede TB3M3K6 41
19 Tiki Tiki Taka Taka Tookie Tookie Hike TB3RVF8 41
20 JabberJaw TB43535 41
21 Huskies TB336N0 41
22 N2Froggie’s Race to the End TB3N5HA 40
23 Light Cycle Racer TB3N81K 39
24 Travel Bug Dog Tag TB3N5H5 37
25 Franks Travel Bug Racer – the Bike Chain TB401CB 37
26 Grateful TB TB3MMMQ 37
27 Mario’s Racing Around TB40401 37
28 Sneaky Snail TB3N5HK 37
29 Racing Bat TB3N5H1 35
30 Ghost Racer TB2RTNC 35
31 Cat in the Hat TB3N5GA 32
32 Flashy TB33XD0 32
33 jadefalcon’s Eagle TB TB2A3VD 31
34 Speedy Kitty TB Racer 2011 TB3M3JE 28
35 Larry522’s Truckin TB Racer II TB3M1ZK 26
36 Joe Momma’s 2011 Great TB Race Entry TB3N5HT 22
37 Scooby Drew’s HQ Race Contestant TB3Q12R 22
38 Porpoise with a Purpose! TB3MXWY 21
39 Ballycumber: Eat, Sleep, Cache, Read, Release TB3ZAF3 21
41 Racing for ALS in memory of Uncle Bill TBNKAW 21
42 Tanner’s Dog Bone TB33JA1 21
43 Inch along Racer TB3M1CR 21
44 Musca Domestica TB3M06W 21
45 A Coyote Cactus TB3N5GZ 21
46 Smile! TB3MDXT 21
47 Prepared to Travel TB1R0Z3 21
48 Christines Travel Bug Racer – Geo Honu TB401BZ 21
49 “G”eocaching Travel Bug TB199DQ 21
50 2 Wheel Racer TB2R4KN 21
51 Lilly’s 2011 Butterfly Racer TB3ZMVE 21
52 coccinellidae TB3M06M 20
53 Hans & Frans want to Pump You Up TB3D971 20
54 Let’s See If #88 Can Win One TB3KZXZ 20
55 One Fish Two Fish TB3N5GY 20
56 Pip Pip Old Chap – UK Flag TB TB3C45W 20
57 Scrappydoopup’s GeoBoy Race Contestant TB3851V 20
58 Texas Travel Boot TB39EFX 20

Filling out the Scoresheet

Several of you have expressed an interest in the scoresheet. I had previously mentioned I would put together a scoresheet for several bugs but got side tracked by work and getting our scoring volunteers ready to begin their tasks. So now that we have that part done, let’s take a look at a bug. I ended up grabbing a bug at random (as opposed to the two I mentioned previously). The bug is *The Great TB Race* – Bats!.

There are three parts to the scoresheet:

  • TB Info – This is the first few lines of the scoresheet, where you can input the Name and Tracking #, where it’s current position is, and a link to the TB page if desired.
  • Scoring – This is the part you’ll interact with the most.  It’s where you keep track of data.
  • Final Results – The last two lines of the scoresheet are for the results.  You should never have to interact with these two lines as they are automatically tallied for you.

Filling out the scoresheet is straightforward.  Each time the TB visits a cache, fill out a line of the Scoring section.  Add a 1 in the respective columns for each goal that is met during the course of the TB’s stay at that cache.  If a goal is met twice, like a photo from the person who drops the TB and a photo from the person who picks it up, then you would put a 2, and so forth.  The only goals that cannot be met more than once in any single drop are Cache, Event, CITO, and MEGA.

Mileage is a bit different.  Mileage should be entered as mileage, not as the number of times it has traveled 100 miles.  So if a bug travels 333 miles, you would enter 333, not 3.

Border crossings require you to zoom in on the map.  Crossing from Texas to Oklahoma may only be one state, but if zoomed in, the path can cross back and forth across the border 2, 3, 4 or even more than 4 times.  Count each time it crosses the border.  Zoom in because the maps can sometimes show the path incorrectly while zoomed out.

One more thing.  It has been brought to my attention that there is an error out there regarding the Difficulty/Terrain goal.  In some locations, it says that the rating has to be higher than 2.5.  In some locations, it says 2.5 or higher.  The latter option is what the scoring volunteers have been instructed to use.  Check your TB pages and make corrections as needed (seems the error might have been in the info I provided to all of you for use in your TB pages).  I’ll be on the lookout for the errors on this site so I can correct it.

To finish this up, I have a screenshot of what the 2011 scoresheet filled out for the TB mentioned above.  Check it out.  Visit the TB page and go through the logs to compare how it was filled out to how the TB moved.  If you have a question, post a comment and I’ll try to answer it quickly.

Later this week, I’ll try to put up instructions for how you can recalculate mileage and border crossings if a dip occurs so that you can keep your records correct.