As of last night, I was already thinking “I’m running late. I’m running late. I’m running late.” I didn’t think I’d be able to get to it until tomorrow as we’ve been busy at work getting ready and beginning standardized state testing. But I got lucky and was able to catch up on more work than I had originally thought I’d be able to. I found myself with some free time this evening and was able to put together everything. So go check out the 2011 Race Rankings to see the results from March.

We’ve had a bit of a shakeup amongst the top 10. N2Froggie dropped a bit but is still in the top five. We also are seeing some dips and even cachers holding onto bugs for extended time, so don’t forgot to reach out to anyone who is holding your bug or repeatedly dipping your bug and asking for help.

Also, all prizes for the 2010 race have been shipped out (much delayed), and I am awaiting confirmation of their arrival. Hopefully, the winners can send us a few photos of themselves with their prizes so we can brag a bit more about their winning entries.