Okay. The May points update has been posted. I meant to have it Sunday but due to some circumstances, didn’t get home until Monday, and have been catching up on data. We are still missing some data. This was expected as one volunteer has been traveling. Please forgive them for not being able to do an update in time and I will post it once they are able to send it to me. They do not have an easy internet connection to do updates.

We have had a bit of a shakeup as some of the top five have shifted around. Drunken Swede moved into 1st place after a big trip to Greece and back. Several other racers in the top 15 moved into the top 10, all resulting in a shift of places. With GeoWoodstock coming up, expect some more changes as bugs attend this mega event.

With the year hitting a midpoint soon, we’ll try to go through and find some photos to highlight some of the travels the bugs have made this year.

Once I have the remaining data, I’ll post another update.